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Chris standing in front of a colorful mural in the Crooked Crab taproom

Chris Bishop!

I am known mainly as three things...

I am a freelance illustrator and my busiest client is Crooked Crab Brewing but I have lots more work. I am also a painter of large scale pop art works. My day job is at PBS KIDS.

Recent Projects

Cartoon cyclops on roller skates
Cooked Crab Beer Can Art
Pop painting of a girl and a ghost
Pop Art Paintings
Pop art and pop culture prints
Fine Art Prints
Ramen-inspired bike hat
Bello Cycling Caps
Three cartoon figures with open heads connected by rainbows, giving thumbs up
Garbage Day T-shirts

See also, my digital garden for non-linear thoughts & experiments.

I have a few items for sale including stickers, prints & of course paintings.

I also have created some digital art experiments aka nfts.

Oh yeah, In the 2000s I did a webcomic called HER! [Girl vs Pig].