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Pop Art Paintings

Bold outlines, cartoon simplicity & bright colors exploring themes of beauty, humor, strength & vulnerability. Shown in New York City, Miami, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles & Hamtramck. I've painted hundreds but these are my most recent.

Contact me to purchase a painting. See a list of all the art shows I've done.

Abstract Drippy Masked Skull
Skull (Demon)

12 x 12 in $240

Abstract Drippy One-Eyed Skull
Skull (Angel)

12 x 12 in $240

Abstract Drippy Girl Eye Skull
Skull (Midnight)

12 x 12 in $240

Abstract Girl Skull in Red, Black, White

36 x 18 in PRICE TBD

Astronaut girl
I'll Be Impressed If You Pull This Off

54 x 36 in

Nude girl with heart in balloon coming from chest
First Love

30 x 30 in

Broken robot with big hook hand
Mister Handsome

36 x 36 in

Four abtracts with bird and ghost forms
The Bird & The Ghost

12 x 12 in $150 each

Half girl, half computer glitch
I'm Better at This than You

48 x 36 in

Girl with chaotic abstract forms in place of her face
I Think You Lost Me

36 x 48 in

Mysterious girl with eyes closed and abstract forms
The Last Goodbye

60 x 36 in

Black creature emerging from heart shaped hole in girls chest
The Magic Within

36 x 48 in

Closeup of the Mandalorian's helmet
The Mandalorian

24 x 24 in

Anakin Skywalked without Darth Vader helmet
Lord Vader

18 x 18 in $350

Nude girl with X-Wing helmet and tiny blaster
Pew Pew

30 x 40

Three pop portaits of Darth Vader on different colors
Darth Vader (Red), Darth Vader (Blue), Darth Vader (Green)

18 x 24 in

Crait Speeder leaving trail of red dust
Crait Ski Speeder

48 x 30 in $500

Landscape with Hoth rebel base
Distant View of Echo Base

40 x 30 in

Girl with skull and dagger
O Happy Dagger

20 x 16 in $400

Star Wars Speeder Bike on multi-color background
Aratech 74-Z Speeder Bike

48 x 24 in

Abstract Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Stormtrooper helmets
Bad Guys

23 x 24 in

Abstract Star Wars imagery
Death Star Final Duel- 20 x 20 in $250

Stormtrooper holding a yellow object
Look Sir Droids

20 x 16 in

Abstract Princess Leia
We Have No Time for Our Sorrows

60 x 48 in

Girl wearing shaggy coat with Chewbacca vibes
What a Wookie

30 x 40 in

Two X-Wing fighters
X-Wing (Poe) and X-Wing (Luke)

36 x 12 in (each)

Four Grogus on differnt color backgrounds
The Child

12 x 12 in (each)

Broken skull emitting colorful ghosts

30 x 48 in $250 USD

Nude girl with ghost and arrow
Always on the Verge

48 x 36 in

Abstract chaotic girl parts
I'm Danger

60 x 48 in $3200

Abstract half girl half skeleton with cherry blossoms
Super Cherry Blast DX Magenta

60 x 36 in

Abstract half girl half skeleton with cherry blossoms
Super Cherry Blast DX Pink

60 x 36 in

A girl<p>clothed, nude, blank faced
The Crush, The Ex, Whatshername

36 x 48 in $3000

Ghost enters a hear shaped hole in girl's chest
This Will be the Last Time for a While

36 x 36 in

Dark haired girl with eyes closed
The Shy One

30 x 40 in

Blonde girl with eyes closed
The Not So Shy One

30 x 40 in

Snow Speeder entangles AT-AT
Go for the Legs

36 x 18 in

Abstract Boba Fett
As You Wish

11 x 14 in

Broken robot with ghost emerging
Mister Pinchy

36 x 36 in $350

Chaotic abstract
Robots Girls Guns Ghosts

48 x 60 in $3200

Robot overwhelmed by leser eyes
Oh God I Can See Forever

24 x 24 in

Old Timey boxer in robot suit with four arms
John L. Sullivan

36 x 36 in

Girl feeds another girl a key
Sisters with Secrets

48 x 36 in

Two skateboards with girl and skeleton
Two Decks

31.5 x 7.5 in skateboard decks

Robot playing ping pong
IG-88 Playing Ping Pong

36 x 36 in

Girl splits in half revealing another girl, key, bird

60 x 36 in