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NFTs & Digital Art

Ooof. I know what you are thinking. I've been experimenting in the NFT ecosystem, minting distinctive tokens with themes of girls, skulls, robots, and abstract designs. All links direct to NFT platforms and galleries. Please read my manifesto to get my current thoughts on the blockchain art world.

Grim Sigils

99 ink skulls

Abstract Editions

Editions that are abstract

Sisters with Secrets

They all have them

Solar Sisters

Our solar system brought to life in female form

Funky Founders

56 dudes who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776




Humang 1.7

Heman-a-like Randomizer - Incomplete

Moodbots 1.7

Robot Avatar Generator - Incomplete

Sisters with Secrets 1.5

Infinite combinations based on my paintings - Incomplete

Boxes and Squares 3.3

Initial Experiment - Incomplete


So much about the NFT space is scams, cash grabs, solutions for problems that do not exist, hideous art and very stupid ideas BUT I really do believe there is a future for collecting digital art. Either to directly support an artist or to have in a digital collection to stare at or some future world that we don't know about yet.