Chris Bishop


Ooof. I know what you are thinking. How about we just call it digital art? All links go to various nft marketplaces.

Mysterious slull with eye and symbols
Grim Sigils on Objkt
Abstract with skull and key
Abstract Editions on Formfunction
A mysterious abstract half girl half skeleton
Sisters with Secrets on Formfunction
The planet Neptune rendered as a woman
Solar Sisters on Formfunction
A cute little Benjamin Franklin
Funky Founders on Opensea
A broken robot smoking a cigar and wearing a fez
Moodbots SOON!

NFT Manifesto

So much about the NFT space is scams, cash grabs, solutions for problems that do not exist, hideous art and very stupid ideas BUT I really do believe there is a future for collecting digital art. Either to directly support an artist or to have in a digital collection to stare at or some future world that we don't know about yet.

My NFT experiment/project/persona is called Ffurp.