The Goal

Draw all 56 Declaration of Independence signers.


I’m working on a series of educational posters that will give the delegates from the Thirteen Colonies the fun and cool treatment I give X-Men, Star Wars and other pop culture fan art. I had this idea at 4am one night.


This is where I will be dumping stuff as I make progress. Come find me on twitter or instagram if you have comments, find factual errors or have ideas. Feedback is always welcome. Son of a... why didn't I call this "Yankee Doodle"?

John Morton. Farmer from Pennsylvania.

Matthew Thornton. Doctor from New Hampshire.

Abraham Clark. Lawyer from New Jersey.

Josiah Bartlett. Doctor from New Hampshire.

OK, 25 of 56 complete - not including shirtless and alternates...

Lewis Morris. Landowner from New York.

William Paca. Lawyer from Maryland.

Button Gwinnett. Planter from Georgia. Killed by political rival in a duel.

Oliver Wolcott. Soldier from Connecticut.

What's Next?